Inspired ProductionRelaxed RecordingCreative MixingFulfil your vision

Inspired ProductionRelaxed RecordingCreative MixingFulfil your vision

Capturing your sweet, sweet music at our recording studios in the West Midlands

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Welcome to
Fantastic Rain Studio

Fantastic Rain Studio is a recording studio in the West Midlands, near Wolverhampton, designed to help Singer/Songwriters and musicians take their music to the next level.
We provide recording, mixing, production, songwriting and collaboration. Our warm, friendly atmosphere and a chilled out environment is perfect for harnessing and capturing the emotions of a song. With high-quality pre-amps and microphones, and state of the art mixing facilities, you will feel confident you’re getting the best sound possible. PS. We also have a very comfortable couch!

Recent Artists

We’ve recently had the pleasure to work with these artists at our recording studio in Wolverhampton

More Artists
More Artists
Fantastic Rain-Mike-acoustic guitar
David Lintern at At Fantastic Rain Studio. Recording Studio West Midlands.
The Rattlesnakes At Fantastic Rain Studio. Recording Studio West Midlands.



Capturing your sound and vibe is paramount!

Fantastic Rain Studio has a great selection of high-end microphones for recording Vocals, Electric & Acoustic Guitars, all fed through state of the art Audient pre-amps – this ensures great sound quality.

With our Logic Pro X set-up we are able to provide access to a huge array of virtual instruments and drum programming. In house, we have a great selection of guitars & amps, as well as virtual amps.

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Mixes that compete.

We believe that every artist can, and should, have access to the same quality mixing and processing that the big artists use!

We can take the raw multi-tracks you’ve recorded at home, here at Fantastic Rain, or at any other studio, and turn them into highly professional and radio-ready mixes.

Then all the mastering engineer needs to do is give it that extra sparkle.

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Here to help or just get out the way and let you do your thing!

A producers job is to do whatever it takes to bring your creative vision to life.

We can help with compositions, arrangements, melodies and lyrics by bouncing ideas back and forth, but still ensuring that the music is still ‘you’.

Or we can just leave you be and let the talent and creativity flow whilst giving you access to everything you need to bring your creation to life.

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Vocal Editing

Coming soon…

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Drum Programming

Logic Pro X Drummer

Drummer allows us to add virtual drummers to your project, using Drummer tracks.

You can choose drummers from different genres—Rock, Alternative, Songwriter, R&B, Electronic, Hip Hop, and Percussion. Each drummer comes with its own acoustic kit or electronic drum kit and a distinct playing style.

Every parameter can be adjusted to get the exact sound you want!

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Why Reamping Is Useful

As the name suggests, reamping is the act of capturing a both a clean D.I (Direct Injection) and your amped sound simultaneously, enabling you to play it back through any guitar amp at a later date and re-record that tone.

If you’re not happy with the original tone you recorded, you are able to keep the same performance but tweak the tone of the amp, try out different pedals and experiment with multiple microphones and placement.

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Graphic Design

Graphic Design for Bands and Musicians

Our professional graphic design services are tailored towards musicians and help represent their sound!

From Logos and T-Shirts, to Posters, Merch and Album Artwork – we know what kicks ass!

Combined with our photography services–you’ll get the perfect package.

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Why your Artist/band photos matter

It’s vitally important that your promotional photos are high quality and eye catching. If you don’t have great photos, listeners may skip past your listing and click on a profile that looks more appealing.

Our professional photographer can take care of the key aspects of your artist/band photography – conceptualisation, location, lighting and post-production.

We offer live gig, studio or location shoots.

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